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Meet PaytestHub - the agile cloud platform that streamlines your setup, whether it's robots, on-premises, or cloud. Test any EFTPOS terminal anytime, with real device precision.
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Embrace a streamlined payment testing experience with PaytestHub. This dynamic cloud platform ensures a seamless setup, accommodating diverse hardware configurations such as robots, multiplexers and probes. Enjoy the flexibility of testing any EFTPOS terminal at your convenience, with results executed on real devices for unparalleled accuracy.

With extensive software capabilities, tailor your testing journey while ensuring industry compliance through EMV Level 3 certification support. Discover the efficiency and reliability you need with PaytestHub.


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Endless extensibility for software accessories

Endless Scalability for Software Accessories

Limitless potential for extending software capabilities, such as validating host messages sent and received by the EFTPOS terminal.
Real device testing from the Cloud

Real Device Testing from the Cloud

Even when you create and execute your test cases in the cloud, they will be carried out on physical devices, just like manual testing of a payment terminal, but in an automated fashion.

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Devices Management Through PaytestHub

You have the flexibility to manage all on-premises hardware yourself, or we can handle it on your behalf in PaytestHub. In either scenario, a centralized entry point in the cloud ensures seamless operation.

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Functional, Regression or EMV Level 3 Testing

Designed to accommodate a wide range of terminal testing scenarios, you can author both functional and regression test cases within PaytestHub. Additionally, PaytestHub is equipped to assist with EMV Level 3 certification testing.
Reporting and Logging

Reporting and Logging

Every test iteration produces a comprehensive report, allowing you to assess the status of each step – whether it succeeded or encountered issues, and providing detailed insights into the reasons behind any failures. Extensive log data is accessible for each test run.


Our dedicated team of experts is here to assist you every step of the way. Whether you require assistance in creating test cases, transitioning to automation, configuring robots, or setting up hardware, we’re well-equipped to support you with whatever your needs may be.
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Seamless Integration of Hardware Accessories

Seamless integration includes: PaytestRobots for button pressing and touchscreen gestures.
PaytestMux for switching between various EMV cards, encompassing contact, contactless, and mobile wallets.
Cameras equipped with OCR for recognizing display or receipt messages.
EMVCo Test Tool integration for certification.

Test library and import of existing test cases

Test Library

Easily construct your personalized test library and craft test cases either manually using scripts or through an intuitive graphical user interface, eliminating the need for extensive scripting knowledge.

Create test sets to effortlessly execute your cases, all managed remotely and completely automated. Additionally, we offer support to transition your current test cases, enabling you to continue running them manually via PaytestHub while gradually transitioning to full automation.


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An entirely automated, cloud native solution, delivering cost and time savings.

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Begin immediately with testing, conducting tests remotely around the clock.

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Provides automated regression testing as well as functionality and stress testing.

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No extensive scripting expertise required.
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Facilitates remote team collaboration, enabling real terminal testing from a distant location.

Run Our Live Demo

Run Our Live Demo

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