Streamlining Payment Software Testing

Elevate your payment software testing with PaytestProbe. Simplify communication between terminals and test tools, and enhance your testing flexibility.
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PaytestProbe serves as the pivotal link between a terminal and an EMV L3 Test Tool, facilitating the seamless flow of transactions, as an additional option to cards, enhancing the capacity to conduct comprehensive testing scenarios.

This integration simplifies and streamlines the testing process, facilitating businesses to efficiently perform tests, ultimately reducing both testing time and associated costs. Use PaytestProbe manually as a standalone device connected to an EMV L3 Test Tool to enhance your current testing processes or as a part of a fully automated solution, exponentially improving your testing capabilities.

Features and Benefits

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Comprehensive Testing Scenarios

PaytestProbe covers a wide range of payment interfaces including EMV chip, magnetic stripe and contactless, supporting both online and offline testing scenarios, and enabling businesses to simulate various real-world situations.
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PaytestRobot Compatibility

Employ PaytestProbe independently as a standalone device linked to an EMV L3 Test Tool, either to elevate your existing testing procedures or integrate it into a comprehensive automated solution,significantly enhancing your testing capabilities.

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Technical Specifications for PaytestProbe

Features OLED display. EMV testing probe - replaces physical card. Needs an EMV test tool to operate.
Control Interface RJ45 10/100 standard ethernet, Wi-Fi
Power Consumption 5V/1A 5W
Max Operating Temperature: 35˚ C
Weight 0,100 kg
Length 20.8 cm (8,18 in)
Width 5.8 cm (2.28 in)
Height 2.15 cm (0.84 in)