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The Challenges with Test Automation

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Implementing test automation for payment terminals can be a time-consuming task. The benefits of automating terminal testing are clear — enhanced quality, faster deployment, and more features. However, the path to automation is full of challenges.

It doesn’t matter if you are just about to begin with test automation, have implemented first steps or if you are further advanced, the main challenges and questions to answer before you can start are the same:

  • Can we manage this internally, or should we outsource the testing to a 3rd party?
  • How do we virtualize our terminal applications?
  • Is automation even feasible for us?
  • How do we handle button presses and touch screen interactions?
  • Which test cards are necessary, and how do we switch between them?
  • Do we have the right test automation tool, and can we develop test cases for it?
  • Do our testers need additional training for scripting?
  • How many test cases do we have, and what does it mean to migrate them?
  • With those test cases, do we have a sufficient test case coverage?
  • How does the automation tool integrate with terminals for pressing buttons and inserting cards?

At PaytestLab, we’ve long been dedicated to simplifying terminal test automation. Our extensive experience and continuous R&D investments have resulted in PaytestHub – our own test framework.

PaytestHub: Test Any Terminal, Anytime, Anywhere

Imagine the ability to test any terminal at any time, from anywhere. PaytestHub is designed to make this a reality. With PaytestHub, you can go from zero to your first automated test case in just a few hours.

Whether you use traditional terminals, modern Android applications, or a mix of both, PaytestHub facilitates automation. It supports any terminal brand, answering the crucial questions above and achieving automation swiftly.

PaytestHub Features

Real Device Testing from the Cloud:

Write your test cases in the cloud, which are then executed on real devices, simulating manual testing but fully automated.


  • PaytestRobot: Execute button presses and touch screen gestures.
  • PaytestMux: Switch between different EMV cards, including contactless cards or mobile phones.
  • Magstripe Probes: Simulate track data from level 1 to 3
  • Cameras with OCR: Recognize display messages.

Software Accessories:

  • EMV L3 Tools: Seamlessly integrate with ICC Solutions Ltd or UL Brand Test Tool.
  • Validate host messages sent and received by the terminal.
  • Connect with ADB to interact with the terminal, read the screen or receipts

Test Library:

Create your own test library and write test cases with a simple graphical interface or scripts. Build and execute test sets remotely and automatically, with no deep scripting knowledge required.

Reporting and Logging:

Each test run generates a detailed report, highlighting if everything is OK or identifying any failed steps with detailed log data.

Flexible Deployment:

Operate hardware on-premises or let us manage it for you in our own lab, providing you access through a central cloud entry point.

Comprehensive Testing Scenarios:

Supports functional testing, regression testing, and EMV Level 3 certification, allowing you to cover all your test scenarios.

Import Existing Test Cases:

Import and manually run your existing test cases from PaytestHub, transitioning to automation step by step.

This is just the beginning. Our vision is to continually simplify terminal test automation, enabling our clients to test more efficiently and effectively. Stay tuned for more groundbreaking features as we continue to push the boundaries in this space.

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